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Few professionals welcome the challenges of smart, innovative technology with Jan’s passion and vision. It was this passion and drive to succeed, together with the experience he acquired while working in the electronics’ industry since 1975 that led him to launch his own company in 1984. As president of HED South and together with his team of highly skilled professionals, he has produced a strong body of work for local, national and international clients. His commitment to excellence is showcased in the homes of many high profile celebrities, and discerning clients worldwide. Corporate clients such as ABC, CBS, Sony and Disney have benefited from Jan’s profound understanding and seamless execution of technology and electronic design. Now over 30 years later, Jan continues to propel his company into new territories, always taking care to indulge his clients with electronic elegance and the peace of mind that comes with a well-planned and serviced system.

An Unwavering Commitment To Perfection

HED South’s approach to home entertainment and home automation systems is to make them as simple as they are cutting edge. Imagine having one touch screen remote control with settings made to fit your preferences and lifestyle. These capabilities are all hallmarks of our lighting, audio, video, data, climate control and electronics design. To us, the perfect system is the one that offers endless enjoyment without any effort. And it’s all done with a commitment to quality and craftsmanship that can only be found in one place in South Florida. 

Our goal is to eliminate the frustration that people usually associate with high-end technology. Technology for the home or office should respond to your desires and perform beyond your expectations. HED South takes the time to understand your needs today so that your system can answer your needs for many tomorrows to come. More than any other aspect of what we do, this philosophy is at the heart of the HED South difference, and it is the standard to which our whole team holds itself.


The System You’ve Always Dreamed of
Is Here

Activate the limitless possibilities of technology with a simple touch. With the right system, your home or office can revolve completely around your tastes and your schedule. If there’s a technology that can make your life easier or more enjoyable, HED South can integrate it into your custom-designed system.




The purpose of technology is to make your life easier. That’s why every system we create is designed with Simplistic Operation in mind. From a single control station in your home or office, we can give you the ability to control lighting, air conditioning, music, security/cameras, pool controls, shades and blinds, television, computers, and more from a variety of easy-to-use interfaces. Choose from traditional touch pads and/or button pads; multi-function remotes; or wireless app solutions for iPad, Google/Android devices, and other tablets – HED South makes sure your system is completely in touch with your needs.


The home is no longer just an internet access point. Today, it is a high-volume online hub for everyone in your family. If you take a moment to think of everything in your home with online capabilities – streaming media like Pandora or Netflix; email and computing; online gaming; remote-controlled systems and appliances; tablets; smart phones; and more – it becomes crystal clear why a robust, full-featured home “intranet” network is so important. In fact, as even more systems make the shift to online, the value of connectivity will only increase over time.

HED South delivers professional-level home automation systems with complete, personalized service for enjoying the many luxuries of integrated technology. With our expert team on your side, and a state-of-the-art network as your home’s digital foundation, you’ll be able to connect to everything the world offers now… and in the future.


The technology experts at HED South, offer the rare service of continuing support before, during, and after the installation process – beginning with flawless custom design and engineering of every home or office automation plan. If you can dream it, we can design it and personalize a system that not only meets your expectations but far exceeds them, including schematic and blueprints produced by the HED South engineering team. What’s more, HED South also provides the post-installation support that ensures that your system grows and adapts with you. Particularly useful for many of HED South’s clients, a live person who understands and knows how to address your specific challenges is never more than a phone call or email away.

A Spotlight on Our Successes

Since opening its doors in 1997, HED South has been at the forefront of South Florida’s custom home entertainment scene. Our work is frequently groundbreaking and creates results that get noticed.

Known for our Experience. Respected for Our Reputation.

Performance speaks for itself – and in our case it speaks quite loudly. Our highest goal is to provide flawless solutions to both private homeowners and businesses alike. And time and time again, they’re more than pleased with our work – they return and recommend us to others, which we always regard as a mark of a job well done. Corporate and private clients lists will be provided upon request.


“Having been disappointed by the promises made by home automation and entertainment venders in the past, I approached retaining the team at HedSouth with major trepidation. From the delightful initial pitch made by Nicole Kramer for my home in Palm Beach and the subsequent specifications and installation by her outstanding associates left me only disappointed that I didn’t have them do more. They were truly a delight to work with and their quality is superb!”

Jay Brown.

“Most of my customers biggest fears in the ever changing world of technology incorporated into their estate homes are service and reliability.  I have them rest assure, that when HED South is involved, service and customer relationships come first 24/7…And they have never let us down”

Ray Rodriguez (Dorlom Construction)


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