Automated Lighting & Shades That Fit Your Life

Good morning. You wake up and reach for an elegant bedside panel or your smartphone. Select “Morning” and your stunning designer shades gently open to where you like, and lights raise. That’s how the day begins in a Home Entertainment Design home. Lighting and shades can have a profound impact on your atmosphere, décor, mood and your wellbeing. Today’s lighting offers new technology such as LED bulbs, natural light options and complete control of it all from anywhere – while you’re on the couch or on vacation.

Best In Class Systems And Brands

Automated Lighting & Shades That Fit Your Life.

Let Light Into
Your Life

Press one button and all house lights instantly set for entertaining.

Automated Lighting & Shades That Fit Your Life.

Stunning Shades

Enjoy sophisticated, motorized shades that match your décor and lifestyle.

Automated Lighting & Shades That Fit Your Life.

Lighting Fixtures For
Every Space

Choose from stylish luminaries to lamps, and everything in between.

Illuminating Automated Lighting

Without any effort, press a button from wherever you are – house lights dim and shades lower. Recent years have seen major advancements in lighting and HEDsouth has been on the forefront of it all. We create beautiful spaces that provide a simple touch on a designer keypad to adjust light levels throughout the entire property. Even set lights to turn on or off at specific times while at home or away.

Decorator Shades With Complete Control

Your system can easily control natural lighting and privacy through premium window shades that are seamlessly integrated into your home or office. We offer sophisticated options to suit your décor such as black-out, personalized fabrics and roller shades. These both complement and protect valuable art and furnishings. And, they’re easily controlled from keypads or your own smart devices. You can even create schedules that close shades at a set time nightly. Let us bring this exclusive technology together with you or your designer – exactly as you wish.

The Finest Fixtures

In addition to lighting and shade systems and control, we offer an array of the most stylish light fixtures from luminaries to lamps, and the latest in natural lighting products that make people and spaces look their best. We evaluate your needs and personalize lighting to suit. Natural LED bulbs and color change lighting mean we can lessen harsh and blue light, deliver specific illumination at certain times and enhance the natural cycles of your days.

Add A World Of Wellness

From where you work to where you play, lighting is essential to highlight those one-of-a-kind spaces and provide all the benefits for healthier living. We consider your needs, then architect the finest in lighting fixtures, control and wellness solutions to suit your world. Enjoy better quality lighting to enhance energy levels and sleep patterns. LED lights bring natural lighting indoors and deliver proper color range at certain hours to match your body rhythms. You’ll feel better every day.