A Smart Home is a Healthy Home

HED has always been on the forefront of technologies that enhance life. In today’s world, an investment in your home should also be an investment in your health. That’s why we offer exclusive wellness solutions that dramatically improve your environment through cleaner, healthier air, water and lighting. Today, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors! The quality of indoor air, water and light can undermine our best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Indoor environments greatly influence our energy, sleep quality, moods and productivity. Imagine having natural light that stays in sync with your body rhythms. And air and water quality that ensures every breath or drink you take is the healthiest it can be.

Determinants of Your Health

Our homes and our environments have a profound impact on our health and well being. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that genetics account for as little as 10-15 percent [1] of overall health outcomes, while 70 percent of our health is determined by our physical and social environments.

Determinants of Your Health
[1] Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention 2014, NCHHSTP Social Determinants of Health.


A Wellness Ecosystem Tailored to You

Through our world-class wellness solutions for residential and commercial interiors, we're able to deliver a home or building that can truly change your life. This ecosystem is personalized to you and designed to enhance your health, wellbeing and performance, while reducing indoor contaminants that constantly and negatively affect your respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and cognitive health. What if your home was designed to help address these concerns passively? Now you can.

A Wellness Ecosystem
A Wellness Ecosystem

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Jan Vitrofsky

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A Happier, Healthier Environment

Natural Lighting for Better Living

Natural Lighting for Better Living

Stimulate natural sunlight patterns to regulate your circadian rhythm, energy levels, sleep quality and overall wellbeing.

Whole-house Air Purification for Wellness

Whole-house Responsive Air Purification

We can deliver systems that can intelligently and efficiently target particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, allergens and pathogens.

Let Better Water Flow

Let Better
Water Flow

Best-in-class technology is customized for you through our on-site water testing through a third-party laboratory.

In Tune With Your Body Clock

Our “body clock,” is the built-in human mechanism that guides us when to sleep, when to eat and when to wake. Scientists call it “circadian rhythm,” and tell us it’s influenced by our exposure to light and other environmental clues such as temperature. Our internal pace setters are easily disrupted in today’s hectic world. Just as traveling through time zones upsets our orientation, spending hours indoors under artificial light has a similar effect.

In Tune With Your Body Clock

Tap into nature by adopting a lighting, climate and wellness control system that’s tuned to match the body. For example, we can implement "Dawn Simulation" where you can wake gently and naturally with our calibrated lighting sequence that mirrors the rising sun. And, our evening wellness lighting creates a warm, welcoming environment to help prepare your mind and body for restful sleep. Let us tell you more about how we can energize your days and make nights more peaceful than ever before.